Violin, Big Violin and a Biiiiiiig Violin!!!

Haha!! Does that sound funny??

Yes!! especially if you are a musician.

Otherwise, How many of you have used these terms before, to any of your musician friends?!

We as musicians and music producers, have a lot of people from non music background, visiting us. And, that’s how they try to describe the instruments that they have seen or heard in a concert that they attended.

It’s time, we thought, we share a little knowledge to our friends.

So, here it is, to all who read this blog,

A Violin, is called a Violin. (See pic below). It can play higher pitched notes. Usually smaller in size.


A slightly bigger Violin is called a Viola. (See pic below) It resembles Violin in its structure.

It cant really play all the high notes that the violin play. But it has a deeper tone than the Violin.


Even bigger violin, is called a Cello. (See pic below)

It sounds a lot bass-ier than the Viola.


And then comes the Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig brother, the bigger violin called Double Bass.

He is the most bass-ier and has got the deeper tone of all.

double bass2

All these guys, belong to the same family!


So, next time you meet a musician friend of yours and wanted to share your concert experience, you know you have got the right terms!