6 Signs that show Photography is for you!

Ignore all those dispiriting friends who mock at your attempts in photography. If you observe the below 6 signs in you, cheer up, for photography is quite natural to you

  1. When you see a photographer around, you simply can’t resist yourself from asking “Boss enna model adu?! Lens ennadhu?”

What camera

  1. You are social and like going to all gatherings in your friends and family circle. Not dressed up to flaunt your wardrobe, but packed up to show off your gears!

 Gear packing-610x350

  1. When other photographers at the event follow you to see the angle you are shooting from, pat yourself on your back! You are almost there.

 Two photographers

  1. Your friends that own a DSLR probably run away on seeing you. You just can’t count the number of times you have borrowed from him! “Machan oru function, un camera kedaikuma da?!”


  1. Spiders do look beautiful to you and what’s more interesting is you would say it has amazing claws! You always wonder why women freak out at the mere sight of them!
  1. If there is one invention that you feel is abused much, it would probably be the head on flash. You just get irritated when you see someone using it unnecessarily.

Head on flash-550x366

How many of you feel its true with you? If you do!!! Welcome to the photographer’s club!