When to write a song!

While there are many articles and blogs about how to write a song, what essentially all those missed out is When to write a song?
When this part of the question is un-answered, the how part of the question just wouldnt be the right place to start.

First let’s believe that song writing is not like a mathematical problem with certain procedures to be followed to arrive at the solution.
Ofcourse music does have procedures/rules/ regulations, but they are infinite and there is no bound on which procedure you would choose to arrive at the solution – to create your song

Let’s answer this question. Why do we feel the need to listen music?

Predominantly, music is an expression of one’s feelings. Everyone has their own playlist that plays their heart out. Similarly, there is a music inside everyone
waiting to come out. Every heart has it’s own rhythm. The musicians just train and master to bring it out.

How many of you have playlists to suit to your different moods? I am sure, most of you do.

You may not want to listen to headbanging music when you are feeling down. Similarly you may not want to listen to a melancholic stuff when you are enjoying a long drive with your best pals.

There exists a harmony between our moods and the kind of music we listen to.

But when it comes to writing your own music, its highly imperative that you are in the mood, that you want to evoke in the audience when they listen to your song.

You can’t be all pumped up and write a lullaby. You sure wouldnt be able to write the best waltz after partying hard.

So before you sit up and waste endless hours writing that song that isnt naturally coming out to you, dont frustrate. Just wait until the mood sets in, and when it sets in give in to it fully! (If you watch Yanni’s videos, he often mentions this.)

And when I say, give to it fully, i mean it. Keep yourself away from distractions, until you come out of it.

No wonder most composers choose late night/ early mornings/ dedicated places away from other’s reach, to write their creative stuffs. That’s when the creative juice flows into an artist’s mind without distractions.
Also beware, not every night/ morning is the same for your mood.

So, when to write a song?

Wait for it! When it naturally happens you will feel it